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We Really Do Shoot Dogs in Dresses

Those of you who have been following us for a while will know that twice a year we cover Woofstock .  The festivals are run by Marlene Cook and take place in the St. Lawrence Market area of Toronto in the summer, and at the exhibition grounds (inside) in the winter.  The festivals have a number of stage shows and always include a fashion show – with both human and canine models.  Above are a few shots of each type of model.

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The Models – Both Two and Four Legged – of Winter Woofstock 2011

As you may know, each June and November we cover the Woofstock festival for dogs. Each festival features a fashion show, allowing dogs of all kinds to walk the runway showcasing fashions from a variety of designers.

This year Winter Woofstock took place in the Direct Energy Centre, and some of the dogs needed a little help getting down the runway and back.  Luckily a few models from Orange Model Management were on hand to help them find their way.

Above, a selection of this year’s models – both two and four legged.

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Fashion at Woofstock

Back in December I wrote about Woofstock, the annual festival for dogs that takes over the St. Lawrence Market area each year in June. This year’s festival was bigger and better than ever and we were there to capture the fan favourite ‘Doggy Fashion Show’ which features fashion forward models parading up and down the runway with equally dapper dogs.  Above is a shot from an impromptu fashion shoot that we organized and executed using a portable studio set-up.

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Beauty and the Beast

The photos above were taken at the first ever Winter Woofstock, held last weekend in the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place.  Woofstock (and now Winter Woofstock) are annual festivals centered around and catering to dogs and those who love them.  The festivals are run by the lovely and very creative Marlene Cook. Marlene also runs the Sunday Antique Market in the North St. Lawrence Market and we have shot a variety of material for her promotions in the past. We always look forward to working with Marlene because besides being one of the warmest people you could ever meet, her projects are always a little crazy (think 6 dogs in hippy clothes swaying to a peace song adapted just for them) and always a lot of fun.

One of the events that took place at Winter Woofstock was a fully styled fashion show which included both two and four legged models dressed in their festive best. Making use of a few spare minutes before the models were scheduled to be back on stage we grabbed this model and fired a few quick frames of her looking a slight bit whistful.  The dog, perhaps, looks a  bit reserved – maybe even a little bashful… he IS after all, (gasp) naked…




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