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New Work for Salex Lighting

OCT blogOver the past few weeks we have been working on an ongoing project with Salex Lighting, a lighting company that provides lighting solutions to many of the cities new and existing architectural projects – some of which you might recognize in the photos above.  The right lighting can add so much to the aesthetics of any landscape or architectural project and as photographers – who are always looking for ways to use light to manipulate the way a subject is portrayed – we’ve found it a new and interesting experience to have stepped back a bit to focus simply on the light itself.


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ScotiaBank BuskerFest in Support of Epilepsy Toronto 2013 – A Recap

buskerfest 2013 LMP blog postAs you may know, each year we cover the ScotiaBank BuskerFest in Support of Epilepsy Toronto. This year the festival moved to the Downtown Yonge neighbourhood and spanned the area from Queen St. to College/Carlton. Above you will find scenes from the festival and some of the talented performers who provided Toronto with four days of world class street performance.

In its new home on Yonge Street the festival drew enough people (over 2 million) be be officially recognized as the world’s biggest busker street festival. That’s no small accomplishment, and all of the dedicated and talented people that we’ve had the pleasure of working with on and off the pitch over the past 10 years (this is the festival’s 14th year) have all had a part in making it the biggest, and – we think – the best street festival in the world.  Congratulations BuskerFest!

To those performers (and readers of this blog) who asked us about the staged portraits we usually do, we apologize but weren’t able to do them this year… we hadn’t realized that they were quite so popular, so maybe we will arrange something different next year.  Who knows…?

For now, enjoy reliving the fun of the festival’s best moments – above.

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A Few Photos From ScotiaBank Toronto BuskerFest 2011

For the past 7 years we have spent the last weekend of August shooting the Toronto Buskerfest, sponsored by ScotiaBank. This year the festival seemed bigger than ever with crowds of spectators and over 100 performers out on the pitches giving their best in support of Epilepsy Toronto.

In additional to the usual shots of the performers in action, we also set up a make-shift studio in the performer’s greenroom hoping to capture something unique from each performer and give recognition to all of the crew members who put so much of their time and effort into making this festival the largest of it’s kind in North America. Above are a few shots from the street and the studio, more will follow in the days to come as we sort through the thousands of shots the weekend provided.

For those of you who missed our portrait series from last year you can see it here. And once again, our thanks to everyone who stood before our cameras, you allowed us to give a collective face to a festival.


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Rally in Support of Egypt

Over the past few days I have been watching the events in Egypt unfold with great interest and I am struck by the courage of these people. A rally in support of the Egyptian people was held yesterday at Yonge Dundas Square.  I spent some time photographing over there and speaking with the people involved. Above are some of the images of the day….

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Sometimes When You Have To – You Have To.

My creative juices and itching trigger finger got the best of me last night. Regardless of the -20 thermometer reading I grabbed an old 17mm lens, mated it to a greying canon camera body, cranked up the ISO, and wandered the snowy streets in my pocket of downtown Toronto.

It’s always a fun exercise to limit myself to a combination of one camera and one lens – it forces me to think and see in different ways, and despite the frigid temperatures last night I had a blast.  I’ll post more images in a subsequent entry.

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