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Love Affair Before and After Death…: A Memoir by Shelley Wickabrod

On Sunday we attended a book launch for Love Affair Before and After Death…: A Memoir by Shelley Wickabrod.  We met Shelley at a photo shoot in 2009 and after working alongside her several times in the years since, are now pleased to consider her a friend.

If you were a part of the fashion scene in Toronto in the 80’s or even just interested in fashion during that time, you will without a doubt know Shelley’s work.  In 1978 Shelley and her husband Bernard McGee, already prominent designers on the fashion stage, opened Clotheslines Inc. in Yorkville.  The line was innovative for the time and people came from all over the world to experience Shelley and Bernard’s extravagant, news-making fashion shows. Designer Franco Mirabelli names Shelley a source of his inspiration and describes the rise of Clotheslines Inc. as “one of the great ‘moments’ in Canadian fashion.”

Outside of their enviable success as fashion designers Shelley and Bernard were madly in love, truly so from the day that they met.  It was – an absolute love affair.

Then suddenly at the height of it all, in the summer of 1991, Shelley lost Bernard to a brain aneurysm. He was just 38 years old. The life changing grief that Shelley experienced – the loss of her husband, her business and creative partner, and her best friend all in one – is heart wrenching.  It is in many ways unimaginable.

To those who know Shelley – listen and speak with her – it is clear that in the years since her loss, deeply emotional and physical, she has somehow endured and has remained strong, passionate, and driven. Having subsequently worked in fashion editing, journalism, and as an instructor at the International Academy of Design she has said that her hope in writing about her experience was that the book might help others going through the same process.

If you would like to purchase the book click here. It will offer a fascinating look at the fashion industry over the years, and it will also take you through Shelley’s journey of grief to, ultimately, the continuation of her life – though it is a life left irrevocably changed.

It was – and remains – a love story a lifetime in the making.

As the story is told, years ago after an argument she’d had with her husband Shelley wrote him a letter that read in part “when all this is over, I will write a book.”  She started writing that book eight years ago, and this past Sunday we were honoured to have been invited – by Shelley herself – to celebrate in its launch.

Once again, our congratulations Shelley.

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More Portraits From the BuskerFest Greenroom


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The Impromptu Portrait Series – Nitha

This lovely lady named Nitha acted as the MC of an event that we shot at Downsview Park in June.  This was not a planned portrait, rather Nitha happened to be standing near some soft natural light and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask her to pose for the camera.

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TTC and GO Construction Continues at Downsview Park

Over the past month construction of the new TTC and GO Station has continued at Downsview Park.  Above are a few shots of the men and machines at work.


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Buskertainment – Downtown Yonge

For six straight weekends in November and December as part of their Winter Magic event series the Downtown Yonge BIA puts on an event called Buskertainment. In locations around the Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Area buskers perform on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 12:00-2:00pm and any donations they receive go to ‘Raising the Roof‘, Canada’s only national charity dedicated to long-term solutions to homelessness. This weekend is the final weekend for the Buskertainment event so if you are shopping in the Downtown Yonge area this weekend take a minute to take in the show.

Above, you will find our photos of a few of the performers who have taken part.

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The Bravery of Aidan Orange

Aidan was brave.  On the first (very) cold night that we experienced this fall we met Aidan down by the lake, gave him a pair of rubber boots and asked him to go in the water.   And he did.

If you live in Toronto or visit frequently you may have seen Aidan around the city performing his variety of street theatre. Right now he is working on incorporating a fire whip into his book of tricks which already boasts contortions, master yo-yo-ing (is that a word?), squeezing himself through a flaming tennis racket, juggling a variety of items, and among other things balancing a lawnmower on his face in an attempt to find a unique way to shred lettuce. For the most part we focused this shoot on the fire whip and wanted to put Aidan in the water to get the reflection of the flames while he was preparing to crack the flame out – in the process creating a huge fireball. We should note that Aidan is a smart guy, not a lot of buskers or corporate entertainers have a degree in Astrophysics and Mathematics from the University of Toronto.   Aidan does.

And he STILL went in the water on the first fall night that the temperature in Toronto dropped below zero.  Aidan was brave.

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Toronto Graffiti Artist Elicser (Jabari Elliott)

Toronto has a few well known ‘graffiti alleys’ that have become destinations for locals to visit again and again to enjoy the artwork by the variety of graffiti artists who treat the surrounding walls as their canvases.  These outdoor all access galleries are spread around the city and one of the artists whose work you can’t miss in the alleys around town is Jabari Elliott – better known as elicser.

If you have walked down Queen St. W. and seen that particularly toothsome tree stump in the middle of the sidewalk west of Phoebe Street, you have seen the work of Jabari.  We were stoked when we noticed this artist creating a piece on the side of the design warehouse beside our office and went out recently to do some shots with him.  He is an animated and genuine force, and a great artist with a unique perspective.  Check out his soon to be website at



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Oshawa Based Band District Down

We recently did a photo shoot with the Oshawa based band District Down.  The five guys who comprise this band are total pros (they even showed up early for the shoot), and we had a great time shooting them.  They had just finished playing the KOI Music Festival the night before so the fact that they arrived ready to go, and still managed to be very photogenic after that was very impressive. 

You can visit their myspace page at to hear a sample of their music and find out where they will be playing next.


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The ‘We Love Aussies’ Series: Kim Churchill


To those of you who think you’ve got this whole multi-tasking thing down because you can email, answer calls, schedule (and reschedule) appointments, AND plan dinner all at the SAME time, let us introduce you to Kim Churchill. 

Kim is a musician (in every sense of the word) from New South Wales, Australia. He is currently on North American tour with two friends (Elmo who does his sound engineering and Lockie who is an all purpose roadie with an awesome hat). We were fortunate enough to meet the three of them on the leg of their tour that brought them to Toronto to perform at Scotiabank BuskerFest, The Horseshoe Tavern and The Rivoli.  

Kim plays guitar (6 and 12 string), lapsteel, harmonica, stompbox, tambourine, chimes and he sings – well. Kim’s multi-talent is somewhat remarkable in itself, but he takes it one step further and plays many of these instruments at the SAME time. He is in essence a 19 year old one man band whose performance sounds like many seasoned musicians playing in complete sync.  Kim writes the music that he plays, music of both quality and soul, and if you listen – you’ll find that he actually has something to say.  We are impressed.  We are more than impressed.  I, for one, have been waiting to find a musician like this for a long time.

And – as you can see – he photographs really well too.

To hear and see a little of what Kim is all about, play the video below.  Give it until 1:50 to get going, then if you like what you hear, visit his website and order his CD ‘With Sword and Shield’ – we’ve had it in heavy rotation for a week now.





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Toronto’s Scotiabank BuskerFest 2010

This past weekend we covered the 11th Annual Scotiabank BuskerFest in support of Epilepsy Toronto.  After shooting the festival for the past six years we have met some great people and have made some good friends.  The people who work behind the scenes for BuskerFest, as well as all of the performers out on the pitches put a great deal of effort into raising money for those who live with Epilepsy and we would like to offer them recognition here for their work, their talent, and the awareness that they bring – each in their own way – to this cause.


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