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An Outtake From the YWCA Toronto’s 2014 Annual Report – Sasha

Sasha - YWCA - by LMPToronto


Over the past few years we have been fortunate to work with the team at the YWCA Toronto in creating photography for a variety of their publications. The team that we work with are wonderful, compassionate people and the whenever we have worked with the YWCA program participants (often women who have each faced enormous challenges and have then become the subject of our photos) we’ve felt honoured that they allow themselves to feel and convey in front of us the true emotion that we hope comes across in the photos.

Recently we worked with the YWCA to create visuals for their 2014 Annual Report.  Again we worked with participants of the YWCA’s programs – programs to help women who had been abused, women who had faced poverty, and women who were experiencing homelessness. One of the participants was Sasha – above.  Sasha is an absolute success story.  A strong and ambitious woman who with the help of the YWCA has been able to rebuild her life and even start her own business.  She continues to thrive.

On the evening that we met Sasha she arrived composed, self confident, and her strength came through in every frame.  After the final shots had been delivered to the client we fooled around a bit with this outtake in post production and liked the way it came out.

Sasha makes a fine ambassador for the success stories that are written through the tireless work of those at the YWCA and the programs made possible by the donations they receive.

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Business Portraits – In a Variety of Styles

Business Photos - by LMP A few years ago we published this post after a creative session with one of our favourite clients – the idea of the shoot was to produce business portraits that would showcase the individual and the space within which they worked in a way that was more personal than the standard corporate head shot.  Since that time we have been called upon to shoot business portraits for a number of clients in a variety of styles.

Capturing the personality of the individual we are shooting and making them feel comfortable and relaxed in what otherwise might not be the most relaxing setting (not all of us like to be photographed!) is a challenge that we enjoy. If you are looking to refresh your business portrait or series of corporate photos for your company’s marketing or promotional material please contact us, together we can create the perfect style of portrait for you and your business.

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July Update – TTC Construction at Downsview Park

TTC construction continues at Downsview Park.  Here are some images from the past few weeks.


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TTC Construction Update

The TTC construction continues at Downsview Park.  Above you will find photos documenting the progress and the people behind it.

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TTC and GO Construction Continues at Downsview Park

Over the past month construction of the new TTC and GO Station has continued at Downsview Park.  Above are a few shots of the men and machines at work.


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Construction Photography – Just Another Offering at Light Monkey

For the past three months we have been documenting the building of the new TTC/GO Station at Downsview Park.  The extension of the Spadina line will run from the current Downsview station to the new Sheppard West station and further to the new Finch West station.  This section of the construction is proposed to last until 2014 so this will be an ongoing project for us.  We have taken on a wide variety of work in our time and this is just another example of what we can do.  It has been interesting to see that opportunities for creating some form of art exist even in something as mechanical and – messy – as major construction.

Above you can see workers in the early stages of assembling the tunnel boring machine that will be used to create the tunnels for the new expansion.

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Downsview Park’s Management Team

At the beginning of this week we had one very busy day during which we did three separate shoots covering a wide variety of subject matter.  The day started at Downsview Park – we were hired to shoot photos of the Senior Management Team for the Corporation’s Annual Report.  Downsview Park used to be a Canadian Forces air force base and as such, has some great old buildings that ooze character in every direction you look.  A few days before the shoot we were able to scout several locations within the park and finally settled on the loft area of the old de Havilland Tiger Moth building.  Areas of this same building were used in the filming of the motion pictures Cinderella Man and Chicago.  The jail house set from Chicago, complete with cells is still in place downstairs.  The management team arrived and within a few minutes we had knocked off a number of shots like the one above. No one is sure how long the building will remain standing – it’s future is in question – but one thing we do know for sure is that while it is there, it makes a great location for photography.

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