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Head Shots and Portraits In Support of Art of Fashion

AnnaThis past week we donated our time and skill over the course of two days and produced a LOT of head shots and portraits as a fundraiser for Art of Fashion, an organization that supports up and coming fashion designers in their efforts to build their careers and their collections.  Next week we will share with you some of our favourite frames from the 45 sessions we completed.  The sessions were open to everyone – some people needed photos for corporate profiles or business use, some for more creative endeavours, and some people like Anna, above, just thought it would be cool to help raise money for a good cause and have some fun in the process.

Anna came in late on Monday – she was the last person we shot that day – and we were SO happy she decided to participate. After a 12 hour day she brought so much fun and laughter to the room it was incredible.  We are big fans of Anna now, we may even have found a muse, and given that she ended our day so well on Monday we thought we’d share this photo of her to end our week on Friday.

You will (we hope) be seeing even more of Anna on our blog pages in the future.

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