A Good Use of Time

chucksSo… every spring the condominium corporation that runs the building that houses the loft hires people to come and wash the underground. Today was the the day they did that this year. As you might know (if you have been following us) we have started to take on more commercial and promotional work this year, which has meant honing different skills and coming up with creative ways to shoot new material. It is a movement forward in our work that we have really enjoyed – and so with a day ‘off’ so to speak, forced because we had to remove both car and truck from the underground for the day, we chose to take the cameras out and shoot for ourselves (rather than clients) to test some methods that will come into play in the work that we will in fact be doing for clients in the upcoming days and months…

And I was a model – or my very small footwear was anyway.

Above, some of the results from an hour or so spent by the lake on one of the first warm days of spring…  more to come… (photos AND warm spring days).

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