The Buskers Were Back

For the 8th year in a row we acted as official photographers for The ScotiaBank Toronto BuskerFest in Support of Epilepsy Toronto. Once again the streets of Toronto – Front and Wellington from Yonge Street to Jarvis – were transformed, with the help of a dedicated team of technical crew and countless volunteers, into the grounds of the largest BuskerFestival in North America.

ScotiaBank Toronto BuskerFest is one of our favourite events, not only because the entertainment is world class (and available to everyone equally) but because the whole driving force of the festival is to raise money for Epilepsy Toronto and that goal is accomplished in spectacular form.

As part of this four day festival the world’s top street performers gather and give their collective best at two benefit shows – the thrilling Friday night fire show and the collaborative Sunday night finale – and at the conclusion of the shows the total of all crowd donations is matched by title sponsor ScotiaBank and sent to Epilepsy Toronto, an organization that provides help and support to the 1 in 100 people in the GTA who live with epilepsy. It is an event during which everyone works together in support of Epilepsy Toronto, and we are proud to be a part of it year after year.

A festival of this magnitude can only come together with the cooperation and time investment of a great many people with a wide range of skills and resources to offer. In recognition of everyone who gives generously of themselves in order to make the festival what it is, we like to set up a rough studio in the greenroom each year to capture a portrait of every person who has had a part in bringing the festival together. We feel EVERYONE – centre stage or back – deserves this recognition.  One day we hope to have created archives documenting everyone who has been involved as the festival evolves.  We’re working on it…

So to every performer, crew member, volunteer and of course title sponsor ScotiaBank – who gave and then gave again – we salute you and congratulate you. Together you raised the money needed to ensure ongoing support for 1 in 100 people – you did so by creating an unforgettable festival for over a million more.

Well done.


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4 responses to “The Buskers Were Back

  1. Brechin

    These are amazing photos and I love to read the stories that go with your pictures you are a great writer. I saw some other photos on the buskerfest Facebook but these are far and away the best I seen so far they bring it to live.

  2. Yeah, really nice. Thanks for this!

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