The City’s Best Mustard Can Be Found in the St. Lawrence Market

In 2001 I bought a loft North of the St. Lawrence Market – in fact the market itself was a key element in my decision to move into this neighbourhood. Eleven years later we live AND work in the neighbourhood – it has everything we need.

This year National Geographic recognized our market as the number one market in the world and we think a part of what makes it the ‘best’ in the world are the vendors themselves, some of whom have been stationed in the market for years. Even before I moved into the neighbourhood I remember trips to the market on Saturday mornings with my parents and one stall we would often visit was Anton Kozlik’s Canadian Mustard. Now run by Jeremy – and with an expanded product line of award winning mustards – it is easy to understand why with vendors like this, the market is second to none. For anyone who loves food a trip to Kozlik’s Mustard is in itself a very good reason to visit the market.

We hope to see you there.

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