The Toronto Waterfront is Even Friendlier This Summer

If you happen to visit Toronto’s waterfront this summer chances are you will eventually run into these lively, musical ambassadors.  These singers are part of an initiative by the Waterfront BIA to help make the area lively and welcoming. As well as treating waterfront visitors to acapella versions of Beach Boys hits the group can also offer assistance, directions, and even suggestions on activities or dining options in and around the waterfront area.

We do a lot of work with the Waterfront BIA and so when the time came to plan a photo shoot to launch the program we were excited at the prospect of getting to use the waterfront itself as a backdrop, there are just so many options. In the end we settled on a few locations that brought to life the nautical theme of the waterfront and gave a visual to the Waterfront BIA’s slogan “Its Better By The Water”

We would encourage you to visit the waterfront this summer and discover for yourself just how much better it is. For more information on the initiative, click here.

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