Doc Severinsen With the Toronto All-Star Big Band

This past weekend we shot a couple of events, but by far the most visually stimulating event was Doc Severinsen and his brilliantly coloured leather pants.

Most of you will recognize Doc from his days leading the orchestra on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. On Sunday he joined the Toronto All-Star Big Band at the Mississauga Living Arts Centre and true to form stunned with not only his trumpet mastery – but his vibrant clothing. Doc started the show in orange leather pants and a black sequinned jacket, only to change later into pink leather pants with a patterned jacket in an even brighter shade.  I think I’d call it… fuschia.

None of this discussion of his clothing however, should lead us away from acknowledging that at 84 years of age Doc still performs regularly and is a first-class musician with an impeccable ear – watching him piece together the final ‘sound’ of the collaborative pieces during the sound check was fascinating.

Almost as fascinating as seeing an 84 year old man, standing on stage, absolutely OWNING his bright pink leather pants.

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