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Art Gave Hope – Andrew MacNaughtan 1964-2012

As photographers, we are always striving to create images that are captivating. Images that tell a story, change a mind, or introduce others to ideas and worlds outside of their own.

The untimely passing of Canadian photographer Andrew MacNaughtan, and a reflection  upon his work, reminds us that as photographers Рas artists Рwhile we strive to create work that is captivating, we should also strive to do work that is IMPORTANT.

Over the course of his career as one of Canada’s foremost music photographers Andrew not only took a great number of stunning images, but he also created Art Gives Hope, a charity initiative in support of World Vision Canada. In March of 2006 the art exhibit fundraiser featuring over sixty of his most striking images raised $55,000 for families in Africa living with HIV and AIDS.

To have the potential to reach people half a world away and change their lives with what we do is an honour. It is something that we – as artists – should take every opportunity to realize.

Here’s hoping that even without Andrew, Art continues to Give Hope.

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