Performances by Circus Orange at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival)

This past week we shot a variety of performances by Circus Orange at TIFF (the Toronto International Film Festival). We have shot events in the past that have included performances by Circus Orange and they put on an incredible show every single time. The ideas and concepts that Rebecca and Tom develop and put into action are spectacular – we love working with them. On Wednesday evening the troupe created a spectacle for Skyy Vodka involving an aerialist and a 12ft tall martini glass suspended 35ft in the air  by a crane. Later in the week, during another aerial performance behind TIFF Bell Lightbox, Mark put his own aerial skills to use climbing 15 storeys into the air to shoot the performance from the base of a crane set up nearby… it wasn’t planned, it just sort of – happened.

Fortunately it turned out well and provided a unique perspective on the spectacle unfolding below.


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