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Much Music Video Awards – Milk Showcase

Next in our series of impromptu portraits is this photo above – a human statue-type performer painted and posing as part of the Milk Showcase at the Much Music Video Awards earlier this month. We were shooting the lead up to the big event and the opportunity to create this portrait just seemed to present itself.

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Fashion at Woofstock

Back in December I wrote about Woofstock, the annual festival for dogs that takes over the St. Lawrence Market area each year in June. This year’s festival was bigger and better than ever and we were there to capture the fan favourite ‘Doggy Fashion Show’ which features fashion forward models parading up and down the runway with equally dapper dogs.  Above is a shot from an impromptu fashion shoot that we organized and executed using a portable studio set-up.

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Mark’s Take on Construction Photography

A few weeks ago we received a request from the publisher of a construction photography blog for an interview on the subject of construction photography. Amused and flattered that his series of photos documenting the live construction site at Downsview Park stood out enough that those in the industry were seeking advice from him as an expert in the field, Mark was happy to answer the series of questions. For those of you interested in the thought process that results in getting the shots that you see in our previous blog entries, here is a link to the interview: 

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TTC Construction Update

The TTC construction continues at Downsview Park.  Above you will find photos documenting the progress and the people behind it.

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