Introducing Chuck Champers

Last Friday we did a shoot with Brant Matthews aka Fire Guy to create promotional material to introduce his new character Chuck Champers. We were lucky enough to get access to a building that was slated to be torn down on Monday to make room for a new condominium development, so we made use of the building inside and out to shoot material while Kyle Hosick of Addrenaline Media shot video for a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the creation of this character.

The highlight of the Chuck Champers show will be watching Brant juggle three bottles of premium champagne while balancing on a rolla bolla made up of a magnum of Louis Roederer champagne and the wooden crate it is sold in.  It is, as Brant told us, a $1000 trick.  One he had actually not practiced before the shoot. He did remarkably well, he is after all a seasoned professional, and had a few good trial runs with the juggling before we started shooting… and then… with cameras clicking and video ‘rolling’, something went very wrong and – well, the aftermath can be seen above.

As Kyle said – Brant had christened the character.  And what better way for an old building to come down, than drenched in premium champagne.


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