Toronto Graffiti Artist Elicser (Jabari Elliott)

Toronto has a few well known ‘graffiti alleys’ that have become destinations for locals to visit again and again to enjoy the artwork by the variety of graffiti artists who treat the surrounding walls as their canvases.  These outdoor all access galleries are spread around the city and one of the artists whose work you can’t miss in the alleys around town is Jabari Elliott – better known as elicser.

If you have walked down Queen St. W. and seen that particularly toothsome tree stump in the middle of the sidewalk west of Phoebe Street, you have seen the work of Jabari.  We were stoked when we noticed this artist creating a piece on the side of the design warehouse beside our office and went out recently to do some shots with him.  He is an animated and genuine force, and a great artist with a unique perspective.  Check out his soon to be website at



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4 responses to “Toronto Graffiti Artist Elicser (Jabari Elliott)

  1. Jabari’s stuff is sick.

    Great post.

  2. shari orenstein

    beautiful work!

  3. alex savazzi

    long time fan
    toronto is a better place because of him

  4. malina

    Please, if you know it’s evil stop doing it.

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