The ‘We Love Aussies’ Series: Bendy Em

As I wrote in my last post, we really enjoy BuskerFest each year partly because we always wind up meeting the nicest people over the course of the festival. Each year Scotiabank BuskerFest brings street performers from all over the world to Toronto and at the end of the week we usually find that we’ve made at least one new friend from – Australia. This year we were very fortunate to have made a number of new friends from down under; one of them is Emma Kerger. Otherwise know as Bendy Em, Emma is the contortionist whom you might have seen this summer on the BuskerFest stage or at the CNE cramming herself (skillfully) into a 16 inch perspex box that is balanced on a 7 foot aluminum stand.

There is a lot more to Em though than her contortion show, so we thought we’d try to uncover a new side of her.  Em is a fantastic model, we think she might have a future in it, and we also think we did a fairly good job of bringing out her dark side – just ask Orbax, the pained looking fellow (from the Monsters of Shlock) whom she is laying waste to in the middle shot!

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