Downsview Park’s Management Team

At the beginning of this week we had one very busy day during which we did three separate shoots covering a wide variety of subject matter.  The day started at Downsview Park – we were hired to shoot photos of the Senior Management Team for the Corporation’s Annual Report.  Downsview Park used to be a Canadian Forces air force base and as such, has some great old buildings that ooze character in every direction you look.  A few days before the shoot we were able to scout several locations within the park and finally settled on the loft area of the old de Havilland Tiger Moth building.  Areas of this same building were used in the filming of the motion pictures Cinderella Man and Chicago.  The jail house set from Chicago, complete with cells is still in place downstairs.  The management team arrived and within a few minutes we had knocked off a number of shots like the one above. No one is sure how long the building will remain standing – it’s future is in question – but one thing we do know for sure is that while it is there, it makes a great location for photography.

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