BOD Photos – Women at the Centre

Last Sunday we spent the day photographing some of the women who sit on the Board of Directors of Women at the Centre – a resource centre for women survivors of gender-based violence.  In the photos above is Nneka MacGregor, the Executive Director of Women at the Centre and the woman who took it upon herself to make sure everyone was happy and relaxed during the shoot.   She accomplished this easily with her brilliant personality – and with a constant supply of food – providing a spread of pastries and muffins in the morning, and pizza and wings in the afternoon.   I’m pretty sure the bottles of red wine drained over the course of the day helped a little too.


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3 responses to “BOD Photos – Women at the Centre

  1. Too Funny, but too true!

    The feeling is mutual! We had a blast!

    Thanks Terri and Mark.
    You guys ROCK!!

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  3. mandy robinson

    Love these pics
    Nneka truly is vibrant and very motivational it was a pleasure meeting her
    Have a great day folks!! :0)

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