Toronto Artist Chalkmaster Dave

Last night we shot an event at the St. Lawrence Market on Front St. in Toronto. We were happy to see sidewalk chalk artist Chalkmaster Dave there (on this night appearing as his alter ego ‘paint and canvas artist Chalkmaster Dave’). If you live in Toronto, or visit the city from time to time you are sure to have either seen Dave sitting on the sidewalk in the midst of chalking one of his creations, or to have walked over the remains of one of his masterpieces as it fades into the pavement – or is washed away in the rain. We have watched, spoken with, and photographed Dave several times over the years as we cross paths at events in and around the city. He is a warm hearted guy who is involved in very positive ways within the community, and not to mention – he is an incredible artist.

If you run into Dave this summer on the streets of Toronto, make sure you read the captions he chalks beside his works (always amusing and a reflection of his unique sense of humour) and then show him some support by contributing to his bucket.  For those of you who have not yet seen his work in person, we invite you to take a look at his video.

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