The People at Big it Up Hats Have Really Big Hearts

Hats donated by Big it Up Hats

The fine people at Big-it-Up Hats on Spadina Avenue in Toronto have just donated SEVEN new hats to our friend Jack Yeilding.  

Jack is 7 years old and during the week of January 18th he underwent 3 brain surgeries at the Hospital for Sick Children.  Over the past few years Jack and his family have held a huge lemonade stand/mini carnival at their Oakville home, and the proceeds (over $150,000.00 raised so far) have been donated to Sick Kids Hospital in the hope that more children just like Jack will continue to receive the treatment that they need.

Jack was lucky to have had access to this world class hospital and to surgeons with the expertise to help him get better, and now thanks to Big-it-Up Hats and their very generous gift Jack will FEEL better as he continues to GET better.

Our sincere thanks to Paulene and Dameion at Big-it-Up Hats for helping our friend.

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