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Memories of Edgefest (and of Summer)

A while ago we learned that there would be no Edgefest in 2010. This is the second time that Edgefest (the outdoor rock concert meant to primarily promote Canadian bands and sponsored by radio station 102.1) has skipped a year – it also took a hiatus in 2007. Having been official photographers for the event over it’s past two years at Downsview Park we were a bit disappointed. Although the weather was a real challenge – both years – we loved shooting the event. We’ve shot live music and industry promo for years, but Edgefest was always fun and gave us the chance to shoot a lot new (and not so new) bands.  Above is a compilation of concert and crowd shots from 2008 and 2009.  It got a bit messy.

See more of our live music photos HERE.

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New Project with Toronto’s Silver Elvis

This morning we met with Toronto’s Silver Elvis.  An exciting new project could be in the works and we hope to have more details on that to share with you soon.  

We collaborated with ‘Silver E’ a few times last year and always had a good time shooting and hanging out with him. Take for instance, the afternoon after the above photo was taken. We were leaving the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place – with Silver E still in full costume – while across the street at the newly renovated Automotive Building Toronto’s better-heeled were arriving for a $10,000 a plate hospital charity dinner,  an event for which the organizers had ‘rented’ what appeared to be two large Indian elephants to great the gala-goers.  

So as they arrived through the Princes’ Gates in their very fancy cars, attendees were met not only with two mammoth Pachyderms wearing red satin hats, but also with a mirror-suited man painted entirely silver (who quite resembled Elvis) happily on his way back to his minivan.  

We kinda wished we still had at least one of our cameras out to capture some of the wild expressions that we saw behind the windows of those very fancy cars.

Some days our job is too fun.

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The People at Big it Up Hats Have Really Big Hearts

Hats donated by Big it Up Hats

The fine people at Big-it-Up Hats on Spadina Avenue in Toronto have just donated SEVEN new hats to our friend Jack Yeilding.  

Jack is 7 years old and during the week of January 18th he underwent 3 brain surgeries at the Hospital for Sick Children.  Over the past few years Jack and his family have held a huge lemonade stand/mini carnival at their Oakville home, and the proceeds (over $150,000.00 raised so far) have been donated to Sick Kids Hospital in the hope that more children just like Jack will continue to receive the treatment that they need.

Jack was lucky to have had access to this world class hospital and to surgeons with the expertise to help him get better, and now thanks to Big-it-Up Hats and their very generous gift Jack will FEEL better as he continues to GET better.

Our sincere thanks to Paulene and Dameion at Big-it-Up Hats for helping our friend.

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