Light Monkey Offers Photo Avatars – What’s a Photo Avatar?

Photo avatars are corporate headshots and portraits specifically designed to be used in social media profiles.  

For those who make use of social media or those who have made their profiles available on the web through their profession, a good profile photo is essential. After all, a lot is riding on that first visual impression – that little photo will be used by others to register an assessment in a fraction of a second.  

We think that if the first impression you’re going to make is through a small – often square – photo, you’ll probably want to make sure that photo is a good one.

To have an impact as well as to be flattering, a close up photo must be properly lit. It is not enough to simply crop a wider photo – especially one that may have been taken with (eeek!) a point and shoot camera.  Our photographers are experts at the art of lighting for effect, so you can be sure that your tiny square photo will still have a big impact, and will present you in the best possible light.

Its a guaranteed great first impression.  And in this market, who couldn’t use that?

If you are reading this on linkedin you can see samples in the slideshare presentation below.   If you are reading this on the web please click the link in the sidebar to see samples at

We have offerings to fit any budget – contact us at:

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